Plants vs People

Dr Pedram Shojai welcomes you to imagine your life as a garden. You have limited water and need to leave space for each of your plants to flourish. He adds that some plants may be bigger and more important to you than others, whilst some you may not even like but are obliged to keep there.

I can happily throw my hands up in the air and admit that my life, at times, has resembled a rundown garden centre; filled with dried-up shrubs. Possibly a couple of cacti dotted around, offering some sympathetic shades of green. I am guilty of not consuming enough water as it is, so Dr Shojai has contributed towards this guilt of not just depriving myself, but also these helpless plants from their daily H2O needs.

You have room for five to ten plants and that’s it. Scary. We are warned to guard against any new ones that have been introduced to our garden, and pull up the ones that are sucking valuable resources away from our most important plants. Consider these weeds, he says.

I have many weeds. But, since making these small steps towards my upcoming leap, it is as if I have consciously dusted off my marigolds and reached for the watering can; in hopes of salvaging this little patch of ‘me’.  I would like to consider myself as an amateur Alan Titchmarsh to be fair. I once rented out an allotment patch…although I never got round to maintaining it. It felt like some sort of accomplishment just telling people I had one.  In the past, I have probably focussed on pleasing the wrong plants, and looking back, it’s clear that I’ve planted seeds that boast the desired bloom on the packet, yet grew into completely different foliage (relationships, careers choices, nights out, and other general regrets).

What would make it into your Life Garden? Family? Career? Health? Relationships? Music? What’s important in your life?

To help me sort out my life garden, I went and met Millie on Wednesday. My holistic healer. It was a three hour session which introduced me to many weeds in my life.  Most of which seem to of all rooted themselves deep into the ground from an early age, and have somewhat spoilt the soil. I hope that she will be my botanist, and together, we can turn this garden into a sanctuary for plants old and new.

I have put together my idyllic itinerary which I plan on pursuing in May 2019. I start off in Paris, before heading to the states where I will bask in modern day living and luxuries before shedding my ‘shallow’ self for the depth of self-discovery. If I can’t find it in Bali then I am buggered.  

It is actually happening. I have handed in my notice at work, filed a form for vaccinations, and even created a profile on Couchsurfer….Tindr for beds. This fear has been replaced with felicity, and this idea of the unknown has become somewhat inspiring.

I also gave my little singing shrub some hydration this week. I went into the studio and began building on a new song which felt so medicinal. I am most definitely getting my garden on. Aren’t you supposed to plant your bulbs in the winter so that they bloom the following spring? Planting plants; planting plans. 


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