If anyone is considering travelling and needs some tips on what apps to download in preparation for their trip then go and ask someone who is far more experienced than me…OR…you can continue reading about the apps that have been an APPsolute life saver for me so far.

Some of them are quite self-explanatory such as the subway map for NYC, translator apps, flught comparison apps, and hotel booking apps. The others I’ve explained in some more detail below.

TOP TIP: Wi-Fi is your best friend during your travels, but you may not be able to get your hands on it as easy as you may need during your time away. Prior to going away, I would suggest talking to your phone provider and setting up a roaming bundle. I am with Three, and for £49 a month, I am able to continue my standard package of unlimited calls, texts and data anywhere in the world. It’ll come in handy for those who want to take a little independence when finding locations and other amenities without paying extra for a guide…or need some Netflix and chill during the evenings.

This is a screenshot of my phone. I created a folder titled ‘travelling’ in order to compile some apps that I’ve come across myself, and some that I’ve read reviews on.

RevolutThis app alone has been an APPsolute god send. I’m serious. You use it just like you would your normal bank card, and it automatically pays for goods in that specific currency. No more charges, no more bulk withdrawals, AND it can be used in nearly every single country. PLUS, it also tells you how much you’ve spent in £’s per transaction.

I read up on a few of these types of cards, and I was very wary to use one. This is the one that had the best reviews and users, and I must say, I’ll never use anything else again!

Download the app and see for yourself. You can even use it as a savings card in the U.K.

Life360When going away, you feel as though you are leaving behind your loved ones, and might have a sense of disconnection in someway. Thanks to our phones and social media, you don’t have to. I have been using Life360 to keep in the loop with my family as well as the main apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Life360 allows for you and your chosen circle to know your location anywhere around the world. It offers you a sense of security and safety knowing that people know your whereabouts, and you know there’s. You can be a stalker anywhere in the world…if you want!

Couchsurfing – Think of it like Airbnb’s backpacker-friendly brother. If you are a solo traveller and looking to meet people along the way whilst keeping your spending to an absolute minimum, this app is a must! Couchsurfer is a platform where people all over the world offer their couch or room for travellers to stay during their travellers around the world. You can also offer your residence for surfers as well as look for local hangouts nearby to meet like-minded backpackers. Although I am yet to meet anyone off this as of yet, I have been speaking to some lovely people who have kindly offered their abode to me during my travelling. It’s also great to see so many people travelling the world and share tips and trips with one another!

Grabb – I’m sure it wasn’t just my world that got a little lighter and brighter with the introduction of Uber. This is Uber’s international friend. Grabb doesn’t just do the late night uber runs that you do back at home, nor the McDonalds orders you’d eagerly wait for whilst in bed with your best friends (hey Polly). No, this app does pretty much everything besides sorting your life out for you; that’s down to you my friend. Grabb offers rides via car AND bike, as well as food deliveries, shopping orders, and postal services. So actually, yeah, it does in fact sort your life out for you.

TodayTix – This app is for anyone visiting New York, London, L.A, Sydney and other main capitals. Thinking of going to see a show but don’t fancy selling your soul for a seat at the back of the dress circle? Download this. This app allows for you to search for last minute tickets on the top trending shows in many different capitals around the world. Not only can you by last minute tickets, but if you are staying somewhere for a couple of days, you can submit as many entries as you want into the lottery draw. The lottery draw opens up at 9 a.m each morning, and closes at 10 a.m (local time). From 11 a.m you will be notified as to whether you have been lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket for the following day at a seriously slashed price. Tickets go for as little as $20. I won a ticket to see Pretty Woman in broadway…but then I read the critic reviews 🙃 (Maximum ticket per submition is x2).

So there’s my recommendations for which apps to download in preparation for your trip. There are so many amazing apps to hell guide you through your adventures. They have been APPsolute life savers!

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  1. Rome2Rio is an absolutely life saver. Type in any two points in the world and it will give you every option available to get there with prices.


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