Nyepi: The Day of Silence

Bali: The Day of Silence

Wednesday 25th March, 2020

A day where the aiport is closed. A day where the wifi and phone networks are disabled throughout the island. A day where electricity is banned, and music, entertainment and travel is prohibited.

A day where there is nothing but silence.

If yesterday taught me anything, it was the importance of stopping. Taking everything we know and putting it to one side. Not just being in your own company, but appreciating it whilst doing so. Severing the ties between you and the world that you are part of, but also often feel a slave to.

Yesterday’s silence allowed me to mute the expectations that I often feel are awaiting me each day.
I had no other option but to ‘be’, and with this, be kind and gentle to myself.

I spent the day painting in silence. I took my time. I took enjoyment in doing the simplest of things. I say simple, but the effects of doing this were anything but.

Once the sun set, I peeled back the sheets that were draped over my windows, blocking the warm candlelight from escaping the crevices of my apartment door, and stepped outside.
I stood outside and I felt a haunting sensation-a sense if emptiness.
As I embraced the silence, and the complete blackout, my eyes began adapting to the sea of black that I was immersed within. What was then slowly revealed to me took my breath away.

One by one stars began to introduce themselves to me within the sky. From one, to seven, until the sky was lit up with a myriad or iridescent balls of fire. Crystal clear stars twinkling and pulsating, resembling the face of a freckled child smiling back at me.

I stood there and I smiled. I found myself laughing. It was one of the most spectacular things that I have ever experienced.

And then I realised.

There is a whole world and universe of possibilities outside, but there is also a whole world and universe to be discovered within ourselves too.

With no travel, electricity, entertainment, wifi, or phone networks, the island stood still. There was no light pollution, no toxic fumes, or noise. Instead, the island was stripped down to it’s natural beauty, and was organically lit it’s own pure lit.

It wasn’t just the island that was experiencing this. I was too.

Not only did this experience allow for me to be exposed to the possibilities of the world outside, and appreciate it’s natural beauty once stripped of all these things, but it also exposed me to these qualities which exist within myself too. We all own powerful skills, magical qualities and unrestricted possibilities – we just need to clear the pollution in order to expose them.

Right now, I know a lot of our minds are polluted with media frenzies, our anxieties and worries, and the fear of the unknown. The Covid-19 virus has hit both our society’s physical and mental health.

So wherever you are in the world; I encourage you to experience your own Nyepi. A day where you do not necessarily have to celebrate a New Year, but rather allowing you to celebrate, a New You.

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